Anna Dunscombe has painted this beautiful map of the River Dart from Dartmeet to Buckfastleigh, reflecting its history, wildlife, legends and people. It is enormously detailed and has taken two years to create, after a chance discussion between Anna and her friend Sophie Pierce.

Anna and Sophie and their friends swim in the River Dart all year round and it is a very special place. The picture has arisen out of their love for Dartmoor and in particular this section of the Dart which they have come to know and love in all its moods.

At the centre of the picture is a small portrait of Felix Murdin, Sophie and Alex’s son, and Lucian’s brother, who died in 2017, at the age of just 20. Felix had epilepsy and died suddenly while he was away at University. He died from SUDEP – Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy. We do not know why SUDEP happens.

SUDEP Action is a small charity providing support to those who are bereaved, but also campaigning for more research so that we can ultimately learn what causes SUDEP, and hopefully prevent more deaths.

We wanted to raise money for the charity so decided to reproduce the painting. Huge thanks are due to Graham Gilbert for his generous help with his project. You can find out more about his picture framing, printing, scanning and dry mounting here.

You can buy a beautiful poster of the map and donate money to this worthy cause at the same time. See the “Buy the Poster” page for more details. Tea towels, bags and greetings cards are also available. See the “Shop: Tea Towels, Bags and Greetings Cards” page.

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